What is Invisalign: Procedure, Benefits, Cost & Aftercare Tips

What is Invisalign: Procedure, Benefits, Cost & Aftercare Tips

February 1, 2023

What are Invisalign Clear Aligners?

The Invisalign system helps straighten teeth using braces without brackets, wires, and bands. The Invisalign system introduced in the late 90s revolutionized orthodontic treatments forever by doing away with the bulky conventional orthodontic appliances that make people reluctant to have braces over their teeth despite it being a proven technique to straighten teeth.

Treating teeth misalignments with the Invisalign system is a straightforward process requiring people to wear the aligners over the teeth for a stipulated timeline depending on the complexity of the orthodontic defects affecting them.

What is the Procedure for Getting Invisalign Aligners?

The Invisalign system provides clear plastic BPA-free aligners to gradually shift teeth into their appropriate positions with adjustments made by changing the aligners every fortnight. The overall aim is to move the teeth to ensure they are in the same place, giving them an aesthetically pleasing appearance and smile. Patients desiring Invisalign treatment must follow the steps mentioned below to start their treatment:

  • Patients must visit the Invisalign dentist to discuss the treatment and get the dentist to evaluate their teeth. In addition, they can discuss their treatment goals during the meeting.
  • If eligible for the treatment, our Invisalign dentist in Clear Lake City, Houston TX captures images of their teeth with the help of a 3D camera intraoral camera, allowing them to view how their smile looks after completing the treatment.
  • The captured images are for Invisalign’s manufacturers Align Technologies, to custom-create Invisalign aligners for them and dispatch them to the Invisalign provider in Houston for the patient.

What are the Benefits of getting Invisalign?

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign provides many benefits. Prominent among them are the following:

  • Improved Appearance: Patients can achieve a precise and well-structured smile with Invisalign in six to 18 months, depending on the complexity of their situation.
  • Stress-free Treatment: Patients find it relieving to realize they can complete Invisalign treatment within a short time without worrying about becoming self-conscious when smiling.
  • Increased Confidence: The confidence patients gain from the results Invisalign provides is undisputed. The treatment boosts the patient’s confidence making them feel like themselves to approach new opportunities.
  • Comfort: Invisalign aligners are custom created from clear plastic aligners that fit snugly over the teeth without causing soft tissue injuries from metal brackets and wires, providing patients a comfortable alternative to straighten teeth using virtually invisible braces instead of traditional orthodontic treatments.
  • Restriction Free: Invisalign treatment doesn’t impose restrictions on patients, like giving up their favorite foods or confronting challenges when cleaning their teeth. Instead, Invisalign has a removable feature that requires removal when eating and cleaning teeth, making it a therapy that patients find restriction free when correcting their orthodontic issues.
  • Reduced Orthodontic Visits: Invisalign treatment doesn’t require patients to visit orthodontists monthly for adjustments and tightening of the wires because none exist. Instead, patients can change the aligners on their teeth themselves every fortnight. However, they must see our dentist every six to eight weeks to evaluate their progress and collect fresh batches of aligners.

What is the Cost of getting Invisalign?

The cost of Invisalign varies according to your geographical location, the number of aligners you need, and your specific orthodontic situation. However, the treatment cost with Invisalign braces is similar to that of orthodontic treatment with conventional braces. In addition, if you possess dental insurance, you receive coverage from your provider for orthodontic treatment without considering traditional braces or Invisalign. However, the actual costs of the treatment will depend on the complexity of the situation affecting you and can differ from $2000-$8000. You receive an accurate estimate for the treatment from Invisalign during your initial consultation with them before starting your treatment.

What are the Aftercare Tips for Your Invisalign Aligners?

The Invisalign system undoubtedly provides a comfortable treatment when straightening your teeth with the plastic aligners without restrictions faster than traditional braces. However, it imposes the need to care for aligners similar to your natural teeth. Therefore it helps to inquire about the care Invisalign aligners need when starting your treatment. The Invisalign provider instructs the following care tips for the invisible braces to help them remain virtually indistinguishable on your teeth and provide the results you desire. The instructions include the following:

  • Keeping the aligners on your teeth for a minimum of 22 hours daily.
  • Cleaning the aligners when you remove them for eating or drinking liquids.
  • Using a cleansing solution marketed by Align Technologies to clean the aligners, and refrain from using toothpaste for the purpose.
  • Patients are suggested not to use hot water to clean the aligners preferring warm water to prevent warping of the braces.
  • Invisalign aligners must remain on the teeth for as long as possible. However, patients intending to remove them when eating or cleaning their teeth and forgetful about replacing them over their teeth are recommended to store them in a container specially designed for storage.

Visit an Orthodontist Near You

Treatment with Invisalign clear aligners might seem an excellent idea for anyone with orthodontic imperfections. Unfortunately, not every orthodontic situation is manageable with Invisalign. Patients with severe orthodontic complications will need treatment from an orthodontist near you instead of a dentist, a certified Invisalign provider that helps treat mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections.

Patients with orthodontic conditions with their teeth finding it challenging to smile before others can schedule a consultation with American Modern Dental to get Invisalign in Houston, TX 77059 that help correct orthodontic problems. This facility can help patients to achieve their goal of having a beautiful smile within 6 to 18 months without wearing an inch of metal in their mouth.