Dental Exams and Cleanings

When is the last time you visited the dentist for an exam and cleaning? If you have not had a dental appointment in 6 months or longer, it’s time to schedule one. Our dentist near you recommend two cleanings each year.

If you have any questions about our dental services or want to make an appointment, give us a call today. We would be happy to serve you at American Modern Dental.

What Are Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Dental exams and cleanings are made up of two parts. You will receive both a cleaning and an exam when you come in for your appointment.

Our dentist in Houston, TX will examine your teeth and look for any concerning signs. If you have any issues, we can determine a treatment plan to make sure the issue is addressed promptly.

Your teeth will also be cleaned by one of our dentists in Clear Lake, TX. This thorough cleaning removes plaque and tartar buildup to keep your teeth healthy.

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Exams and cleanings are a type of preventive dentistry. Preventive dentistry includes measures that you can take to stop dental issues before they occur. By visiting our dentist at 77059 once every 6 months and taking good care of your teeth at home, you can prevent cavities and other concerns.

Our team can give you additional information about preventive dentistry and how you can best care for your teeth at home.

When Can Children Have Exams and Cleanings?

Has your child had an exam and cleaning yet? Children can first start going to the dentist’s office for exams and cleanings when they are about a year old.

We recommend children have their first cleaning and exam within 6 months of them getting their first tooth. Since most children get their first tooth at about 6 months of age, 1 year is a good time to start promoting good oral hygiene habits.

After your child’s first appointment, they can continue coming back once every 6 months.

Get Dental Exams and Cleanings Near You

For more information about dental exams and cleanings near you, call or schedule an appointment with American Modern Dental. Our dentist in Clear Lake, Houston, TX 77059 is accepting new patients and would be happy to help you maintain a healthy smile with preventive measures.

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