Teeth Grinding Treatment

Is your child having a problem with teeth grinding? Research shows that roughly 20 to 30 percent of children grind their teeth in their sleep. Teeth grinding or clenching is known as ‘bruxism’ and is a fairly common problem. If your child or a loved one suffers from bruxism, please feel free to reach out to our experienced team of dentists for assistance.

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Teeth Grinding?

Parents or siblings may often hear the child grinding their teeth at night. Although less common, adults may also suffer from involuntary teeth grinding. Most children tend to grow out of the habit when they develop adult teeth, but some may continue to grind their teeth.

The child may not even realize that they are grinding their teeth. Although the causes of bruxism are not clear, experts suggest that anxiety, depression, malocclusion, or stress may cause involuntary teeth grinding in Houston, TX. The teeth may appear worn or chipped, and the child may complain of soreness in the jaw.

Teeth grinding also results in eroded tooth enamel, making it thinner. Thinner enamel increases the risk of sensitivity to cold and hot foods. Our highly trained dentist in Houston, TX at American Modern Dental will assess your child for signs of teeth grinding and determine suitable treatment options.

Bruxism Treatment and Prevention

Stress-related teeth grinding can be prevented by using relaxation techniques like giving your child a warm bath before bedtime or reading to them as they fall asleep. If the teeth are misaligned, contact our dental office near you for orthodontic treatments that can help.

One of the most effective dental prosthetics for teeth grinding near you is customized mouthguards. There are different types of mouthguards that work in different ways to protect teeth from injury, wear, and tear.

Our friendly dentist in Clear Lake, Houston, TX, will find the right type of mouthguards for your needs. Other treatments could include the application of icepacks to the jaw, massaging the jaw muscles, and avoiding dense, hard, and chewy foods.

Get Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) Treatment

If your child needs assistance with bruxism, please feel free to call or book an appointment with our reliable dentists at American Modern Dental.

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