Learn More about Oral Cancer Screening, Its Importance & Benefits

Learn More about Oral Cancer Screening, Its Importance & Benefits

July 1, 2023

What is Oral Cancer Screening?

Like most people, you could be pondering what oral cancer screening is and what it entails. Well, oral cancer screening is a detailed and thorough examination of your oral cavity and surrounding tissues usually performed by a dentist to identify any signs of cancer or pre-cancerous indisposition.

The areas that are examined during our oral cancer screening include the lips, cheeks, tongue, floor, and roof of your mouth, gums, and tonsils.

Why Do You Need Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer, affecting millions of people globally. Sadly enough, it has one of the highest fatality rates because, in most cases, it is detected and diagnosed too late when it has advanced and developed.

Regular oral cancer screening is the best way to ensure early diagnosis and treatment. Several reasons why you should opt to visit our oral cancer screening dentist near you regularly; here is why:

  • It facilitates early oral cancer detection. Undergoing regular screening ensures that any abnormalities or cancerous cells will be identified early enough before it develops.
  • Early detection of cancer through regular oral cancer screening increases the treatment options you can have in case you are diagnosed with oral cancer.
  • You need to undergo oral cancer screening to identify if you are at risk of having it. You particularly have to undergo oral cancer screening more regularly if you have been informed of being at risk of getting oral cancer.
  • Regular oral cancer screening increases your chances of making a better recovery due to early detection.
  • Oral cancer screening sessions also offer our dentist a platform to educate you on the risk factors and how you can prevent oral cancer, especially if you are in the high-risk category.

What is the Procedure for Getting Oral Cancer Screening?

There are a number of tests and examinations that are performed during oral cancer screening sessions. These examinations often revolve around the oral cavity, jaw, and neck and may involve the use of some screening stains or dyes and lights.

It may sound extensive; however, you should have no fear because, believe it or not, this thorough examination might take about five minutes. Here is what you can anticipate when you come in for an oral cancer screening by our dentist in Houston, TX 77059:

1) The Visual Exam

The visual exam will involve our dentist examining your oral cavity and throat for abnormalities. We keep an eye out for any abnormal patches, lesions, or tissues. This may also include any thick white patches or red regions indicative of cancer.

2) Physical Examination

During this step of the screening process, our dentist will proceed to touch and feel for any abnormal bumps and lumps physically. The physical examination is performed on the face, neck, and jaw to seek out any lumps that stand out abnormally. It is important to inform our dentist if you feel any regions being examined are sore or tender.

3) Screening Light Examination

This step of your exam will involve using special lights that can highlight any abnormal tissues within your oral cavity. This light is used together with fluorescent mouthwash. Our dentist will rinse your mouth using fluorescent mouthwash before shining the light. Any tissues that pick on a white appearance are considered abnormal, while dark-colored tissues are considered healthy.

4) Screening Dye Examination

This examination will use a staining dye to indicate any areas showing any signs of cancer. This dye will help our dentist pick up on any lesions or tissues that are considered cancerous. It is critical to remember that if our dentist identifies any abnormalities, they may refer you to a specialist for further testing to give a definite diagnosis.

What are the Benefits of Getting Oral Cancer Screening?

Here are the major benefits of getting oral cancer screening:

  • It can help you determine if you are at risk of getting oral cancer.
  • It facilitates early detection of oral cancer, thereby greatly increasing your chances of making a successful recovery.
  • Oral cancer screening can help identify pre-cancerous lesions and tissues that can be easily removed, allowing you to make a full recovery.
  • It can help increase your treatment options due to early detection.
  • Oral cancer screening can help you cut down on the amount of money you would have to spend during treatment also because when identified in its early stages, treatment can be less expensive.
  • Oral cancer screening can significantly reduce the amount of suffering a patient would have to endure if detection is late.
  • Reduces the likely hood of fatality once a diagnosis has been made in its early stages.

Get Oral Cancer Screening Near You

Oral cancer screening can save your life. Contact us today at American Modern Dental to get oral cancer screening in Houston, TX!